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Godzilla Review - Film Class Junkies

The Film Class Junkie reviews the latest American attempt at Godzilla: starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters).

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Spiewie 2443d ago

Went to see it yesterday and it wasn't great... Nothing new.

Deadpool6162443d ago

I thought the representation of Godzilla himself was fantastic, but the human element of the film collapses after Cranston's scenes. The rest of the casts presences was bland as hell and they were the entire middle of the film.

The battles of Godzilla and Kaiju were interrupted so much by crap I didn't care about it upset me. You either just hear what happened, get a tease about what's happening, or you just see the aftermath. I was there to see Godzilla throw down and they cut to a kid watching tv on the couch teasing the battle on the tv screen. NO movie. Don't show me the kid & Olsen #3. At least show me the news report of the battle in progress! That's what I payed to see.

It's frustrating for the most part, but I would pay to see a sequel if they fixed all of the issues of this movie. I loved the look and setup for Godzilla. Making Godzilla a PRE-PreHistoric Earth Bouncer to restore order and go back to depths of the sea (near the Earth's core to feed on the radiation) was a very cool new take of the King of Kaijus.

afalco7132443d ago

Agree with most of what you said. I will probably see a sequel if they ever did it. And the action did not work for me because it is so overwhelming that by the end it made me numb.