Stop Asking For Marvel Rights, Start Asking For Partnership

Cinelinx - "Everytime Sony makes a Spider-Man movie, or Fox makes an X-Men movie, we constantly see one typical comment everywhere. “They need to give rights back to Marvel.” We get it, how many times does this need to repeated? I’m glad rights are not with Marvel at the moment, and honestly would be fine if they never went back. Instead, I’d rather see the studios work together with their properties.

First lets take look at why it’s a good thing the two franchises aren’t with Marvel. Avengers probably wouldn’t have happened, at least not yet…Remember, before Marvel created it’s own film studio to develop movies “in-house”, Marvel sold off rights to their franchises. The only two major ones purchased were X-Men and Spider-Man (and Fantastic Four), for a very simple reason: they’re Marvel’s two biggest franchises. Instead of Fox and Sony making the two leading icons, we would have had Marvel doing it. Which means in every single budget plan, Spider-Man and X-Men (probably Wolverine himself too) would have a nice permanent spot."

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