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Avengers: Age Of Ultron Secrets Revealed by Roger Wardell


For those of you who frequent the internet and Marvel Cinematic Universe Forums you have probably come across the name Roger Wardell before. For years now, the mysterious “Roger Wardell” has revealed countless spoilers for the MCU. Some reveals proved significant while others were simply shedding light on minor Easter eggs.

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-Foxtrot2448d ago

This is why I don't really like Agents of Shield, it's not really a great show and because of that not many people watch it. The people who don't watch it are going to be confused when plot points in the TV show transition to the big screen.

They should keep the stories separate. If the films want to link into the show like they did with Captain America 2 then fair enough but the other way round it shouldn't happen as less people are watching the show as they do watching the films.

I mean Coulson...Kree powers....WTF?

Crazay2447d ago

I have no idea what you're talking about. I guess I'll need to watch AOS to understand.

Simon_Brezhnev2447d ago

If what you say is true I still refuse to watch that horrible show. The ratings went down week after week. Like some site said they using Agents of Shield solely as advertising for movies.

kevinsheeks2447d ago

When did you cut off the show it started getting decent towards a few episodes in O.o

lightcaster882447d ago

I highly recommend you watch it, it got awesome near the end. I hated the first few episodes but after that plot twist with the team and the Tie-in with the Winter soldier movie, crap hit the fan and things got epic. Samuel L. Jackson even came back to guest star in the episode for 30 mins to help the team. :D

-Foxtrot2446d ago

May I just say for those saying "it gets decent towards the end" that it only did get better because they were latching off The Winter Soldiers success and the events which happened in the film.

Without the Winter Soldier the show wouldn't of had any good episodes.

Think about it.

Ninte2447d ago

I stopped at 10 episodes

Simon_Brezhnev2446d ago

I stopped after 5 episodes. If this was any other show on ABC they would had cancelled it without delay. I'm not wasting 600+ minutes for something to get good. Only thing AOS got for it that it ties itself to movies. There are a lot of shows that basically has fbi(shield) chase down supernaturals and do a better job.