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There has been a quite incredible amount of hype surrounding Gareth Edwards’ reboot of the classic movie monster, Godzilla, as fans of one of Japan’s most famous exports seek to banish the memories of Roland Emmerich’s ill-judged 1998 incarnation and embrace a darker and more faithful imagining of the giant monster. For many, the promise of seeing Godzilla lay waste to humanity is more than enough to justify the price of admission, and Edwards has managed to deliver some genuinely impressive spectacle when it comes to the sheer level of destruction the titular beast is capable of. It’s a shame, then, that both the potential of both the monstrous action and elements of human drama are completely wasted by the time the credits roll, making Godzilla without any question the biggest cinematic disappointment of the year so far.

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darklordzor2442d ago

Wow, I could NOT disagree with this more. Despite lack of screentime on certain characters, Edwards did an amazing job of making you feel attached to them and care about what happens to them. It impressed me how quickly I engaged with the characters.

And complaining about having other monsters, and not just seeing Godzilla rampage around, makes no sense. That's not what Godzilla is all. He's always been about being a force of nature to set things to balance in the world.

This film really put the "awe" back into the franchise for me, and did things current films haven't been. Is it a perfect film? No, but it is pretty amazing.

Section82441d ago

Totally agree. This guy needs to stop writing reviews if this is what he took away from Godzilla. I personally liked the '98 version but I see how the '98 version strayed so far. It was always about Godzilla vs. other monsters.