James Franco Slams Spring Breakers 2

The producers of Spring Breakers: The Second Coming have fired back at James Franco over his disparaging remarks about the planned sequel.

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Soldierone1866d ago

I kind of feel as though this is done on purpose for marketing purposes. However I don't think the producers side stand tall in the argument at all.

Franco is mad because they are doing it without his consent. They don't even have the full cast returning, and there is nothing there for them to even build off of beyond the name. So basically they are just milking the idea for any money they can get without actually trying to do something with it.

Franco appears in sequels, but those have returning writers, cast, directors, and months of pre-planning and approval in them. It isn't simple big Hollywood movies (Not saying Hollywood doesn't do it though, they clearly do and destroy franchises by doing so). I'm sure if they brought back the director and wrote something worthwhile, then Franco would be fine with it.

I mean imagine Universal announces Neighbors 2, doesn't have any of the cast, new director, the script was written in a week, etc.... pretty sure Seth Rogan and the rest would be pretty vocal about that idea.....