TVF Arrow Review: The Journey is Complete

They did it!

The Arrow Season 2 finale went off without a major hitch. Love interests are still in play, Starling City was saved, the major villain was stopped but not killed, someone died, people left town, a baton was passed, "I love you" was said at least three times... and a hero was finally, completely born.

You helped me become a hero, Slade. Thank you.

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alycakes2447d ago

It was pretty good watching him overtake Slade. I wish he didn't have to play with Felicity's emotions to do it but she also knew what it would take and she's always loved Oliver and is willing to do anything to help him.

Awesome fight scenes in this one and...wish Malcolm had died too but I guess he will make for a good story next season.

TheSaint2447d ago

Agreed, the dual fight scene with past and present Oliver and Slade was excellent.