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Godzilla Film Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

A rousing new beginning for a beloved classic, Godzilla affirms Gareth Edwards to be a monster sized talent of giant sized moviemaking. It’s only a shame he couldn’t get a handle on the humans amongst these God-like monsters.

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Alxe2439d ago

movie of the summer..

FullmetalAlchemist2439d ago

This movie I think focused way too much on the people and not enough on Godzilla. A lot of the fights with Godzilla in the middle of the movie got cut off right as they were just getting started. The only redeeming Godzilla parts is toward the very end where there's altogether about maybe 5 minutes of cool monster vs monster fighting. The movie was alright but it could have been better imo, I feel it just focused way too much on that Brody character.

ironfist922439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Same here. It seemed to set up alot of good fights yet never showed us much.

I enjoyed how the military was portrayed as being more human than in other films, and I actually felt sad for the Muto who lost her babies, but Bryan Cranston felt very wasted and too much time spent on the characters rather than Godzilla and Co.