Has Larry Fong Hinted at Joker's Appearance in Batman vs. Superman?


Batman vs. Superman cinematographer Larry Fong (Watchmen) has uploaded a very interesting image of a playing card embedded into a wall.

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Hroach6162444d ago

Somehow I highly doubt the jokers in it. I love the character, but j don't think I would want him in it. There's already a lot going on in this film. And there's a lot of characters already showing up. The joker needs to be done right, not shoehorned into this. He just needs to be in the next solo batman flick.
But I'm really looking forward to this movie. Always have been. So yay more BvsS news!!
I just wish we would get an official title. We don't even know what it is yet and we have seen our first glimpse of batman and the batmobile.
I like Worlds Finest personally. It sounds good and I think it leads well into justice league.

Porcelain_Chicken2444d ago

Agreed. They said there would be 2 villains but i pray Joker isn't one of them. At least not yet. Maybe they'll set him up here for a future Batman solo flick? Like open up Batmans first scene with him excorting Joker to the gates of Arkham where he'll meet Harleen. Sound like something that can be done right? Or hell maybe it'll just be a small mention at the end like in BB?

And yeah i'm itching for that damn official title too xD World's finest sounds awesome but realistically i doubt it's that. It's only special to us hardcore fans, the casual movie goers will think it's a buddy cop flick. It'll definitely have either Superman or Man of Steel, and either Batman or Dark knight in the title for marketing purposes. Superman vs. Batman sounds weird but it guarantees 1 billion easily.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Actually he's teasing Gambit's appearance in X-men 5. Channing Tatum does have the range of a block of cement after all. LOL JK Only joking.

Pillsbury12444d ago

Do you think they would follow the injustice: gods among us plot and have joker start the conflict? Then someone else finishes it?

JakemanPS319942444d ago

Oooo that sounds awesome and totally plausible :D It would make sense for batman and supes going against each other and also makes sense for all these other hero's in it also... though one thing i can see being difficult is the amount of high profile character deaths in it

gigoran2444d ago

Don't care. They can do whatever they want with this movie. I will NEVER consider it DC. They had a chance to use one of the best dc storylines EVER... and they are making it in THIS. It's too bad we may never see a decent film of this story.

JakemanPS319942444d ago

What? what do you mean? care to elaborate? :D

gigoran2444d ago

You must know what storyline this movie is based on. And you must know how much they have changed it. That (which is a really big point) plus Ben, and the horrible reinvention of Superman makes this not DC.

If you and others enjoy it that's great man. Just for me and a lot of other diehard dc (and ever marvel) fans we're sick of the way they are being portrayed on screen. The reboot of the Fantastic Four is another travesty.

But I do hope you like it if you're looking forward to it.

JakemanPS319942444d ago

No i don't know what you are talking about seriously! :P i was in basic for the past 5 months so im a little behind on news and i haven't heard of any plot announcements or changes since ive been back... this is news to me

Hroach6162444d ago

Im a die hard fan and I don't mind the changes made. All the possibilities for the great story lines are still there. They will just be tweeked a bit. But honestly, we have seen great batman movies already. I think it's okay if they take a few chances. And I love supes, but he needed some changes to make his newest film work in today's cinema.
In the comics we get why he is the way he is. But in a cinematic version I think those things needed to happen so we as viewrs can understand why he is the way he is.
That's just my opinion. I think everyone can look at it how they want n take away what they will. I really enjoyed Man of Steel. And I'm looking forward to BvsS.
Ben Affleck was the bomb in phantoms yo!

Vames2444d ago

Are you saying they should have followed Frank Miller's Dark Knight story? Because if that's what you're on about, then sense is not being made here.

Frank Miller's story is non-canon dude. Furthermore, this is DC attempting to place its universe on the big screen, you don't do that by using a non-canon story, assuming it's what you're talking about.

ironfist922444d ago

I just hope we have Metallo in this film. It makes perfect sense given the context of the story.