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TVF 24: Live Another Day Review: The Price of Having Enemies

Surprisingly the Damn It! count didn't rise in 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 3 but that didn't mean events were any less shocking.

Jack and Chloe are on the hunt for stiletto through the ear girl, otherwise known as Simone as she runs back to Mummy and whoa! Talk about family dysfunction. Mummy Margot was married to an al Qaeda terrorist and she takes her role very seriously. So much so that she thinks nothing of pimping out her daughter for the cause. Hey, her husband did it with her so what's the problem? Well, Simone's husband Navid seemed to feel differently.

Let's not forget that Margot has a camera over her married daughter's bed. Eww. As if nightmares about murdering woman and children weren't enough to keep Navid awake, he has no idea that he's staring in his mummy-in-law's homemade sex tapes.

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alycakes2439d ago

I always liked Chloe in 24 before and I'm even liking her more now. She's not the little innocent anymore and I think she's a much better asset to Jack now than she would have been before. Losing her family made her strong and tough and she doesn't take crap from anyone anymore.