Bones Season Finale Pics: First Look

Are you prepared for the Bones finale?

If you seen the previews, you know there's some bad stuff coming in Bones Season 9 Episode 24. It's about to hit the fan.

The case of the week involves the team investigating the murder of a blogger who made a call to Booth shortly before his death. He was hoping to divulge some secrets. Instead, they may have gotten him killed.

As the investigation continues, Booth tries to keep it under wraps because he has his big meeting in front of the Congressional Subcommittee coming up. As a shoe in for the promotion, Booth feels prepared and in control.

Booth is asked questions about his past that he never expects and things spiral out of control. In the photos you'll note he's suited up in Kevlar and making dangerous cocktails with dishwashing liquid and gasoline in his own kitchen.

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alycakes2447d ago

This is really going to leave us with a cliffhanger because the previews for it showed Booth getting shot and it looked really bad.