TVF Person of Interest Season Finale Review: Rise of the Machine

After an hour like Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 23, with a title such as Deus Ex Machina, nothing will ever be the same for the POI team... nor for the series itself.

Certainly, the start of Person of Interest Season 3 was a slow build, a new chapter in the saga, but one that pulled the major pieces into play and ultimately brought them altogether for the finale.

The whole concept of privacy and technology is extremely relevant today with the likes of Edward Snowden, Wikileaks and even questions surrounding the NSA and the government’s use of spying.

And both sides of the coin were played during the hour for viewers to see. Vigilance, in its attempts to put the powers of the government in check, and the government, using the Machine to take out terrorists even if that means reading a few emails and tapping a few phones.

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alycakes2438d ago

I was hoping they would get rid of the old white haired man in all the chaos at the end but it didn't happen. Now they will have to start all over again and deep down I was wishing they had blown up Samaritan into a million little pieces where there would be nothing left to salvage.

-Foxtrot2438d ago

Greer is a great villain and needed to be kept around for Season 4

Anyway they couldn't blow Samaritan up since Root said if they did Decima would just build more of them and replace the destroyed ones in greater numbers. They have servers all over the world.

Seems like a battle of the gods for Season 4, although at the minute Samaritan has won. Guessing the Machine will take it's time looking at all the options.

My guess that instead of getting rid of Samaritan the Machine will figure out a way to either replace it and use it's Servers so it can become as powerful as Samaritan or it will merge with it.

Question is now...will they have a time jump where Samaritan has completely taken over or not.