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Ottawa Welcomes Leonard Nimoy

The GCE writes: "A once in a lifetime event for many, I counted myself among the very lucky that were at Ottawa Comic Con to attend Leonard Nimoy’s Skype session late Saturday afternoon on May 10th. A relatively new idea to conventions but a great one nonetheless, attendees had the chance to Skype with the incredible Leonard Nimoy, whom everyone knows as Spock in Star Trek (The Original Series). He talked about his family, Star Trek, and gave everyone some words to live by."

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Crazay2442d ago

Another great post - Was almost like I was there. Keep up the wood work guys.

alycakes2442d ago

I saw him speak once and it was for about a little over an hour and when it was over you didn't want him to stop. He is such an interesting man. He talked about his book and his art. He showed us pictures from the first sci-fi movie he made and I don't know what else he covered but all of it was told with the most interesting stories.

SpectreStatus2442d ago

He has a fantastic way of telling his stories. I think the Skype idea is fantastic for actors in his position where he wants to interact with his fans but has an incredibly hard time traveling due to his illness.

alycakes2442d ago

I guess I was fortunate to see him in person. This was about 3 years ago.