TVF Supernatural Review: Castiel's Angels

Even with the threat of Metatron still hanging over Castiel and the Winchester brothers’ heads - including the gigantic war of angels - Supernatural will undoubtedly come to a smaller moment that sees fewer characters face off, along with the specific character decisions that propel the series in a new direction.

Sure, the budget for television puts limits on seeing something like a full scale angel on angel war (we do get snippets of hand to hand combat such as in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 21) or the possibility of watching Abaddon’s collected souls become her demon army.

Granted, there are times where something like the angels falling from Heaven in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23 provides that larger sense of the world - but, ultimately, the series strips it all down for a more personal focus.

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alycakes2438d ago

Next week's finale should be interesting. Not only will they face Metatron but Dean's been acting too strange. The Blade had been almost like possessing him a little at a time and he's not himself Sam was when he was drinking demon's an addiction and you can't help yourself. I don't know where they're taking the finale but they always have a bad cliffhanger for us and then we have to wait forever to see what happens.

Alxe2438d ago

First comment on ur own post :P .... just kidding ...

im waiting for the last one...