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For Some Reason, Max Landis Has Tweeted That Marvel Has The Movie Rights To Spider-Man Back


They lasted almost no time at all, but here are Max Landis’ tweets to the effect that Sony will be surrendering the movie rights to Spider-Man to Marvel studios.

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AnEwGuY3118d ago

WTF?!?! Don't toy with my emotions, dammit. This is something I've been wanting to happen ever since Phase One was launched.

Avengingkinght923118d ago

No, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Sucks. I'm glad Sony has the rights to Spider-Man.

UltraNova3118d ago

Definitely agree!

If this is true then say goodbye to the marginally mature Spiderman movies and say hello to Marvels PG-13 (a.k.a. ticket issuing machine)world of average superhero flicks.

-Superman-3118d ago

You saying that Thor 1, Thor 2, Cap 1, Hulk, Hulk reboot, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 were better movies than Sony Spider-Man movies? As far i know, Spider-Man 2 is still one of the highest rated movies(superhero) of all time.

Einhert3117d ago

The only good one out of that list is Spider Man 2.

The rest are terrible films with childish humour.

Gotcha53118d ago

Man I have been saying this for ever since Disney took over Marvel. When the hell Marvel going to retain the Spider-Man franchise from Sony, just like they did to Capcom with their Marvel Vs Capcom series. Good Times...

hazelamy3118d ago

while it would be supremely cool to see Spidey in the MCU, i can't see Sony giving up a profitable franchise like Spider-Man if they can help it.

TwistedMetal3118d ago

its a profitable franchise but if investers arent making double there money back off these movies then its not worth it. would you want to give some dude 1000 dollars to use for a couple of years and only get 1100 dollars back? sony spent like 400+ million on making and marketing this movie and thats low balling it as things are always more expensive then what people put down in the books

Sony could either take a risk making 6 more spiderman films over the next 12 years doing all the hardwork, casting, and hoping that the movies dont continue to make less profits after every release like they are now just to make possibly 3-3.5 billion in profits. Or sony can sell the rights right now and get 4-5 billion in cash no questions asked. no waiting 12 years after tons of work, and risks.

not to mention sony posted a 1.2 billion loss in money for the company last year. 4-5 billion from selling spiderman right now could turn things around at sony like it did for marvel when they sold the rights in the first place to sony.

sony had its time and made some money with the spiderman franchise its time to give it back to the rightful owners and sony would still be coming out on top big time.

Its time to give up spiderman sony. its not your creation or your passion.

calis3118d ago

Lol selling Spider-man would not turn things around at Sony. It's one of the few things that makes them money.

Soldierone3118d ago

Honestly, beyond Spider-Man being in Avengers and maybe making an appearance elsewhere, there is no benefit to this at all as a Spider-Man fan.

Sony is releasing yearly Spidey movies and creating a whole universe of Spider-Man, what could be cooler? It's the only comic (besides Wolverine) I subscribe to monthly, its the only hero I get super excited about as a stand alone film.

Deadpool6163118d ago

Sony is being sloppy with Spider-Man and plopping him on everyone's plate like instant potatoes. The Amazing Spider-Man series was rushed out to market for keeping the rights and it shows. The dramatic change in Spidey's costume and tone to the sequel is a dead give away.

Soldierone3118d ago

Not really Sony to blame there. They HAVE to make movies or they lose the rights. Sony was working on extending the original series, but ran into issues, then this came, and by the time the whole mix up was done they were pressed to get the movie out. THAT is Marvel's fault for pressing for that.

Plus it's not like Marvel is a bunch of angels with their own franchises anyways. How many complaints did Iron Man get? Imagine if Sony did that to Manderin.....

boing13118d ago

I concur. TASM2 is a remake of Batman&Robin.

AnEwGuY3118d ago

"Plus it's not like Marvel is a bunch of angels with their own franchises anyways. How many complaints did Iron Man get? Imagine if Sony did that to Manderin..."

You mean like they did with Green Goblin...THREE TIMES? Like they did with Venom...and Electro...and Rhinobot?

Seriously dude, get off Sony's jock and wake the hell up. They have done very little right with the Spidey franchise through 5 movies ; they've done far more damage than good.

Soldierone3118d ago

What did they do to Green Goblin? Him laughing in the scene on the bridge was awesome and perfect. The whole movie was setting up for something larger. I have yet to hear an actual Spider-man fan say anything bad about that.

As for Rhino, who cares, he is a stupid villain anyways. The actor playing him sucked, and his suit was stupid, but come on it was that or have a guy dressed up like a Rhino....

Electro was perfectly fine and inspired by Ultimate Comics.

Spider-Man is still making Sony huge amounts of money, and Marvel/Disney would be doing the same EXACT thing if not worse to the franchise if they had it. Hell they got rights back to Punisher, Blade, and Ghost Rider and have yet to even touch any of them..... Fans are going to whine and whine and whine no matter who has it, so it isn't Sony's fault.

Like I've said before, they could make the greatest movie in the world and "fans" would still cry for Marvel rights.

Deadpool6163117d ago

Mandarin hasn't been revealed yet. (Watch the short "All Hail The King")

Marvel sold the movie rights to Spider-Man in their darkest days. The relationship with Sony was good at first and helped revitalize Marvel in a big way. But after Spider-Man 3, that was the start of the decline creatively (adding Venom). Now Sony is competing with Marvel Studios with Spider-Man using Marvel Studio's team-up movie concept (but with villains) and they're rushing it like Warner Brothers with Justice League.

It's clear to many of us that the only movie studio with an cohesive well thought out plan, is Marvel Studios. Everyone else is playing catch up. People just want Spidey to come home to Marvel Studios now. Spider-Man is Marvel's Mickey Mouse and it's just out of place not to be able to see Spidey interact with the Universe of other Marvel Superheroes. Sony should just do what's best for the character. Yeah, I know that's not going to happen because it's bad business...but I'm already tired of Spider-Man now.

The only credit I can give to them is the relationship between Gwen Stacy/Peter is far better than Mary Jane/Peter and the suit is spot on in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

GenericNameHere3118d ago

James Bond and Spider-Man are Sony's biggest movie franchises. These two movies make huge money. I highly doubt Sony will sell Spidey back to Marvel.

TwistedMetal3118d ago

Sony survived before they had spiderman, they can survive after they lose spiderman. sony made some good money but as a buisness mans sometimes you gotta sell for the quick easy cash like marvel did to get its company back on its feet like sony needs to right now. spiderman is declining as a franchise after every movie. marvel is only getting better and stronger making all other superhero movies do less in the box office except for x-men which is the only marvel franchise that can stand on its on outside the marvel universe becaus there are just so many characters in xmen.

sony can sell spiderman right now and get more money for spiderman in one day then it can with making the next 6 films or whatever they got planned. sony doesnt need spiderman matter of fact they need to focus on the bond franchise and making other movies that they can hit it big with.

Soldierone3118d ago

Sony has licensing rights, doesn't mean they can sell it. Anything like that would be approved by Marvel, which it wouldn't. Sony would simply lose the rights and Marvel would get them back free.

And I doubt they'd "get more money" selling the rights than the movies. Each one makes over 500 million AT LEAST. Once they finally get Sinister Six, Venom, and Carnage out the door each one will be pushing a billion dollars EASY.

If Sony was smart, they'd get Spider-Man in Avengers somehow because that only leads to bigger marketing for them. Plus they look like good guys by working with Marvel.

awiseman3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

$ony ruined spiderman, turned into a terrible mashup.

Porcelain_Chicken3118d ago

but they gave us Spider-man 2!! The best cbm ever!!!!! Imho. :(

Not sure how i feel about this. I feel like he'd become another "hey guys, did you see all 16 Spider-man nods in Thor 3!!!?! awesomez" thing. Also, apart from Cap 2 & IM all of Disney/Marvel's movies have been mediocre.

TwistedMetal3118d ago

Nope the mcu movies are all pretty good and since they are in the same universe each movie gets bonus points on there raitings. Also when new mcu movies come out they retroactively make the past ones better just by people rewatching and noticing the villian was in a past movie all along and other easter egg things like that. also the special features like the marvel one shots and such make these movie very very profitabl because there is an actual reason to buy these movies on bluray/dvd because so much rewatchability, and universe connecting content. you ever notice why amazing spiderman blueray is in the bargain bins and only 9.96 etc but all the marvel cinematic movies like original thor on dvd is 19.99 lol. a freaking thor dvd movie costs more then the amazing spiderman bluray. you have no clue what quality is and what a entire universe of movies can do to bump up that quality, content, and value. The mcu is star wars level of epicness that people will never forget. the spiderman movies are like all those old batman and superman movies that people never watch or care about and have forgotten.

mushroomwig3118d ago

Using the dollar sign in their name, so edgy!

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