Is The Joker Hiding in the Background of the Batman vs. Superman Batsuit Photo?

Over the weekend, FOX released their first cast photo from Gotham, loaded with Easter eggs including a hard-to-spot casino billboard featuring a nod to the classic Batman villain The Joker.

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Codeman4201617d ago

It's the rear fender to the tire, who ever is going for joker this soon is reaching for straws.

LackTrue4K1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

What I only see, is batman has a ripped hose in his radiator and is leaking steam.

KingPin1617d ago

if they do do a joker in this movie, troy baker is the only one left who can put in an amazing performance after heath ledger. he has the voice pretty much nailed down and he's just the right age.

mafiahajeri1616d ago

Looks more like jigsaw then the joker.

Soldierone1616d ago

This is just one of those things that cannot be unseen!

The lighting doesn't match up, and trying to align it with the rest of the wheel doesn't work either (the left half pops out too far) So it could easily be something.