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Judgement Time: Karl Urban Brings the Law to Ottawa

The GCE writes: "It was an early start to the day and for many people, the first panel on Sunday morning at Ottawa Comic Con was the very talented and engaging Karl Urban, known for his roles in Almost Human, Star Trek and of course, Dredd. With the turn out, it was obvious no one could fill a room faster than the star that hails from New Zealand. He was candid with his fans, telling stories from sets and his true feelings on the cancellation of the television series Almost Human."

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Crazay2445d ago

Good article. I'm in Ottawa and REALLY wanted to spend more time at the Q/A sessions especially his but other things were going on last weekend.

SpectreStatus2445d ago

Thanks for the compliment! We will also have coverage of Bruce Campbell and Leonard Nimoy up soon in case you missed them.

Crazay2445d ago

I look forward to it. I managed to snag myself a copy of Tony Moore's limited edition print and REALLY wanted to get Bruce Campbell's sig on it too but he wasn't there when I got to the show.

Also am looking forward to hearing more about Karl Urban crashing the Skype interview.