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Denis Lawson Claims He Was Asked To Return In Star Wars Episode VII As Wedge


Denis Lawson, the actor that played Luke's friend Wedge Antilles, says he was asked to return for the currently untitled Star Wars Episode VII, but turned down their offer.

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Crazay2441d ago


Who turns down a Star Wars role? Especially someone who at first glance from IMDB hasn't exactly been tearing up the acting scene.

RetrospectRealm2441d ago

Lmfao Exactly what I was thinking.

gigoran2439d ago

His nephew explained the reasoning behind this a LONG time ago. So how is it a surprise or so unbelievable that he still hasn't changed his mind? Just because you're uninformed doesn't give you an excuse to bash him. Grow up.

Crazay2439d ago

Enlighten us oh wise one. I'm still calling BS on it.

gigoran2439d ago

Why? You're most welcome to bash him and say as many negative things as you want because having an opinion is your right, but for Star Wars fans they will just ignore it because they know the story about this. Feel free to research it yourself. You just may want to know something about the matter before making such a bold statement. Nobody likes having egg on their face.

Crazay2439d ago


Move along then. You have nothing to back yourself up.

TXIDarkAvenger2439d ago

Smells like BS too me. "Bored"?