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First Look At The Flash TV Series Offers Up A New Logo And Some Very Impressive CGI


Fans have been worrying about how The Flash will pull off the necessary special effects on a CGI budget, but based on this very brief preview at the end of a new trailer for the season finale of Arrow, they've nailed it! Hit the jump to check out the Scarlet Speedster in action.

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-Foxtrot2441d ago

Looks average, Constantine looks better. It seems the show is going to latch onto Arrows success.

Crazay2441d ago

Constantine looks bloody amazing but I'm scared for it. Seems to me that it was already given the kiss of death by the network.

-Foxtrot2441d ago

Same, I think they'll cancel it after the first season. Which is a huge shame as it looks fantastic, more true to the source material unlike the film.

This will only get high ratings because of the bigger budget it's most likely been given and the fact they will use Arrow to market it.

I mean Arrow is alright but as a huge Green Arrow fan it's changed way too much in the show where sometimes it doesn't resemble the source material, turned me off after series 1. Flash will most likely be the same, however unlike Arrow with Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin is not good for the role, nor does he look like a good fit.

I still think though if they can choose one show it would be Constantine, we have Arrow, it would be nice to have something different.

Anthotis2441d ago

What do you mean by "kiss of death"?

Vames2441d ago

Constantine gives the impression that we'll finally get some horror on YV. Supernatural has gone off the deep end and needs a final season, quick.

On the matter of the Flash, can't say anything yet. What we just saw shows nothing for me to judge. Will have to wait and see!

Crazay2441d ago

I gotta say dude, I think Arrow is AMAZING!

Admittedly - I'm no comic book connoisseur. I know a decent amount of Superman, I know certain aspects of X-Men and Spider-Man but there's not much that I know about Green Arrow/Lantern or any of the rest to be perfectly honest. I stick to what I know but What I've seen of Flash (as little as it is), I've seen Arrow season 1, I really liked Smallville.

Constantine looks killer though dude. A nice mix of comic + horror. I dig it so far from what I've seen.

Crazay2441d ago


Friday night schedule - Kiss of death

Deadpool6162440d ago

It's been 20 years since the Flash has had a television series. It good to see the character make a return.

Hergula2440d ago

Meh.... well, I am still not sure about the Flash series... might turn out to be as lackluster as Arrow.