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Batman Vs. Superman Costumes To Be Revealed Very Soon


Batman vs. Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson confirmed that Batman and Wonder Woman's suits are to be revealed shortly. Check out the tweet.

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Anthotis2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I like that Batman's outfit doesn't appear to be the all black style that has featured in every movie. I was hoping they would go dark blue or black for the cowl/cape/gloves/boots and grey for the body suit. I'll assume there is some armoring, as i doubt Affleck's physique is making the muscle groups on his torso visible through his costume.

As for what to expect of Wonder Woman's outfit, i just hope it isn't ruined by the need to be dark and gritty.

Lord_Sloth2439d ago

I agree with the WW bit but Superman's costume did fine in the dark and gritty. I kinda hope she has some pants though but that's just me.