Constantine - Series Premiere Clip - What Have We Here?


Meet John Constantine (Matt Ryan), in the first clip from NBC's new DC Comics adaptation.

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lightcaster882445d ago

I would watch this! It looks so much better than Grimm! :D

ironfist922445d ago

DC is going full force on their TV Shows.

I wonder whats next? A live action Teen Titans would be pretty cool.

Crazay2445d ago

This show was given the kiss of death by the network already. Try not to get too attached.

afalco7132445d ago

Is it me or does the series look bland?

lightcaster882444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Might just be you.... I loved the TV show the Dresden Files on Scifi but they strayed too far from the books and it messed up the plot. Super Natural was good up until season 6, then I lost interest because they kept repeating the same "Die and come back to life" cycle. If this is similar but keeps the story interesting, I'm all for it!

I also loved the Movie Constantine, so being able to see more of it that is closer to the comics would be nice.

alycakes2443d ago

I'm going to watch the first few episodes and see if I think it'll make it or not. I love the subject but that doesn't always make it on tv.