Constantine TV Series Trailer Released Online

NBC have quietly released the first trailer for Constantine on their website, bringing the DC/Vertigo supernatural detective and con man to the small screen in a big way. The series, which stars Matt Ryan, Harold Perrineau and Lucy Griffiths, can be seen in a more than three-minute sneak preview embedded below.

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-Foxtrot1865d ago

It looks fantastic, feels like it's going to be better then the film.

I think they've actual nailed Constantine as a character aswell.

I think I can hear Edward Kennway from him lol

Vames1865d ago

It appears DC is willing to throw down to some cash on this series. If DC the Flash gets the same treatment, then things might turn out well after all.

Drakesfortune1864d ago

Looks feels like Dc have the tv series on lock with arrow, flash, constatine and marvel have the movies