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Box Office: 'Neighbors' Knocks Down The Door With Big #1 Opening

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It looks like Spider-Man's biggest villains this weekend were Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. The duo's "Neighbors" knocked Sony's superhero from the top slot with a big $51 million opening.

Just how big was it? It's the fourth best opening ever for an R-rated comedy. Damn. But it wasn't just a big success at home. Overseas, the comedy took $34.4 million — more than the entire international tally of "This Is The End" — in its first weekend. And in another surprising statistic, the audience for the film was 53% female. So much for Seth Rogen and co. only playing to bros. Basically, this is an all around success for Universal, with the movie clearly hitting all the quadrants it needed to, bang on.

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