6 Actors Who Almost Played Iron Man

JunkExplorer: It’s always difficult to imagine anyone other than “RDJ” as Tony Stark/Iron Man, but do you know that these actors were considered for the role of Tony Stark?

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Lord_Sloth2441d ago

Some pretty horrible choices there. Glad RDJ got it.

Chapter112441d ago

Love Timothy Olyphant! Such an underrated actor.

SouthClaw2441d ago

He is one of my fav actors. You are right he is totally underrated. He has such a presence. I loved him in The Girl Next Door. Of course he is amazing in Justified.

Belasco2441d ago

I want to see him as Roland if they ever do a Gunslinger movie or series.

TwistedMetal2441d ago

lol tom cruise is so stupid. he went full retard lol. RDj was the best and only choice everyone else would of sucked as tony stark.

SouthClaw2441d ago

While I think he is a great actor for the role your comment is kinda wrong. Of course he was the best choice because you have seen him in the role. You have never seen anyone else play the same role so you cannot say he is the best. He was a great choice but others might have been just as good or better. However some would just be terrible like Cruise.

pompombrum2441d ago

Nicolas Cage as Tony Stark? that would have been hilariously bad. Tom Cruise could definitely pull it off but sometimes he can be a little too energetic when he tries to pull off the charismatic role, RDJ nailed the role perfectly.

TwistedMetal2440d ago

i agree and Rdj is the best look alike to the comics and cartoon version of iron man.