TVF Continuum Review: Look Behind the Curtain

Kiera made her choice between the Alecs on Continuum Season 3 Episode 6, but it was less of a choice than a move of desperation.

Catherine told her having the two actively participating in the timeline was no longer going to work and she had to make a choice. Although it has seemed through the first five episodes at different times that one or another was an obvious choice, Kiera still bristled that killing one was the only choice.

A lot of what's going on in Kiera's head is a bit of a mess, and it's as if she was going to see the great and powerful OZ only to find a tiny man with a very loud microphone behind the curtain. The further she pulls the curtain away from what was her future, the uglier it becomes.

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alycakes2442d ago

It's just too complicated but she betrayed her friend and now she need to help him because nothing good can come of it.