Check Out the Official Logo for Marvel's Agent Carter


Just days after ABC officially ordered the Hayley Atwell-starring "Marvel's Agent Carter" to series, Marvel Entertainment has debuted the official logo for the series which you can check out below. The drama is based on the One-Shot featured on the Iron Man 3 home release and is described as follows:

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Crazay2391d ago

still don't know why we feel it's necessary for this show. I have no interest in the character in the least.

Simon_Brezhnev2391d ago

Same they just going to use her to promote marvel movies just like Agents of shield was. Marvel has so many heroes yet they use some ordinary person. It's going to flop just like Agents of Shield. I dont care what fans say the ratings been dropping week by week. If this was another show on ABC it would had been cancelled. I'm still waiting on my Black Panther movie or series.

SouthClaw2391d ago

See I like the idea of a show based back in the 40s to explain the origin of SHIELD but to base the show around her is kinda meh. She was ok in the Cap film (she wasn't noticeable really in sequel). I would have been a lot more interested if they had Tommy Lee Jones and Howard Stark. I'll give it a try but won't hold my breath for a full season if that.