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The Original Cast May Return After X-Men: Apocalpyse Tease Producers

CBM: Many fans of Fox's X-Men franchise feel that the cast that started it all off back in 2000 deserve some more attention on the big screen, and they might get their wish! In a recent interview with HitFix producers revealed that not all hope is lost for Marsden and co!

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-Foxtrot2448d ago

Well that would be good

They are apparently using Days of Future past to undo the damage X-men 3 did so I'm guessing with time travel being involved Wolverine will change it so things would of happened differently in X-men and X-men 2 making X-men 3 different.

I still think it would be cool to see a post credit scene of Wolverine returning to the future to see that it's fixed yet upon entering a room he sees Jean and Scott carrying on as usual.