Is 'Fantastic Four' Making the Same Mistake as 'Man of Steel'?

Are there any three words that comic book fans are more tired of hearing from filmmakers? Those three buzzwords are thrown around like confetti every time a new superhero film is in development, as if a necessary step in promoting your comic book movie is assuring fans that your film is going to be painted in the appropriate shades of grey.

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StarWarsFan2446d ago

Yeah, that's why I liked Superman Returns, because it tried to morph the real world with some grand designs. Man Of Steel lacked magic.

Kurylo3d2446d ago

Only if you consider being campy, cheesy and corny.... magical. Man of Streel did everything right. Its hte super man movie we all deserve... a good one. Old ones may be good for the 70s... but cmon... go back and watch them today and they are stupid. Not to mention that superman returns was not only the worst superhero movie ive ever seen.. its also one of the worst movies ive ever seen period. lol There was nothing magical about that movie.

StarWarsFan2446d ago

Superman Returns stayed true to the original franchise. It was a modern homage to the old, and it wasn't amazing for everyone, but I wouldn't call it the worst movie ever. As for Man Of Steel: it wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't great. It was pretty dull. It had no fun whatsoever, expect in destroying every skyscraper imaginable at the end, which was just overkill. It just lacked that equivalent pride evident in the old Superman movies of their time. Thank goodness they're making a Superman/Batman movie, because if there was a straight Man Of Steel sequel next, I guarantee you people that gave the first a shot wouldn't be returning in the same numbers for a second.

Kurylo3d2444d ago

what do u base that on? The majority of people thought superman returns was lame. Majority of people thought this one was good.