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Trailer For Live Action Akira Project


We have a very cool live-action trailer for The Akira Project that you should definitely checkout. The project which is crowd-sourced and non-profit set out to create a live action trailer for the renowned 80's manga-turned-anime film AKIRA. As far as fan-made projects go, this one is top shelf.

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Crazay2448d ago

Holy CRAP! That was bloody amazing! take note Hollywood. This is how you make Akira into a live action movie, Not with that BS you were going to saddle us with.

Yi-Long2447d ago

Not really. It's certainly better than what I've read about the plans for the Hollywood-version, but still, this is just a poorly cast semi-asian and caucasian cast version.

Some CGI, design and shots do look awesome, and other shots look, well, amateuristic.

I honestly feel they should do a true-to-the-manga 6-part movie series, but 100% completely in the very best CGI possible, sticking as close to the original designs and storyboards as possible.

Crazay2447d ago

You're a man of few words eh?