Han Solo Has A Much Larger Role Than Luke And Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII

CBM: While it was no surprise that the original three cast members from the original trilogy were coming back, it may be a surprise to find out that Han Solo is going to have "a significantly larger role" than Luke and Leia in Episode VII. Hit the jump for more!

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RetrospectRealm2448d ago

This follows the story within a story rule. I also had the actual EW article up, but I took it down cause I assume someone would report me for duplicate.

aDDicteD2446d ago

in some perspective luke and lea should have more screentime and should play more significant roles especially luke. but harrison ford is easily the best actor among the three and a lot more screentime would help the movie more compared to the other two.

RetrospectRealm2445d ago

Kind of hard to say that when we don't even know what the movie is about exactly.

Dirkster_Dude2446d ago

The Luke and Leia characters were always supposed to be special. Luke is a Jedi and Leia is a Princess. What was Han? The dude everyone relied on to make things happen. He is able to keep up with the other 2 characters and he had no special powers and wasn't born into a special family. He was a bad a$$ regardless. Of course that could just be because he may be a better actor than Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher.

SilentNegotiator2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

He's Batman.

gigoran2445d ago

I find this hard to believe. Every episode has focused on the Skywalker family. Is Ford going to have a big part? Obviously! But to say the Skywalker twins will be a much less significant role is just crazy, even for rumor makers. The only way it would make sense is that the Skywalker children are going to be the stars with the parents and uncle in the background. And when being a background character, having a bigger role could be considered a couple more lines. No biggy.

yewles12445d ago

I blame the director if true. Pretty much anti-nerd over the years...