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Star Wars Episode VII: Carrie Fisher Lost 40 Pounds For Return As Princess Leia

CB: Carrie Fisher is returning to her role as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars Episode VII. In preparation for her return to a galaxy far, far away, Fisher lost 40 pounds, according to her mother, the actress Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds, who is known for her Hollywood auctions, revealed this during an interview with Extra about her final auction.

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AnEwGuY2454d ago

Based on the last time I saw her, even after losing 40, she could still play Jabba the Hutt.

Ipunchbabiesforfun2453d ago

Ya, because I bet you look like a greek god, right? 40 pounds is a lot of weight to lose. Especially when working out you gain muscle and so therefore weight is a skewed point to look at as far as results are concerned.

jakmckratos2453d ago

she is a gift....and now probably a GILF so stfu and worry about your own body instead of making comments toward people you have no idea how they even look like.

Trunkz Jr2453d ago

Their children in the movie will have to be Lukes age when he first made his appearance or little younger, 40 pounds or not all the actors are pretty old, Ford alone is like what, 72 years old now?

Human Analog2453d ago

Show some RESPECT you Nerf herders.

TwistedMetal2453d ago

id hit it! carrie fisher the princess!