Are Shared Movie Universes Hurting Superhero Films?

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has become the model for episodic blockbuster storytelling in Hollywood – resulting in $6.3 billion in box office revenue (and counting). Of course, those numbers do not include revenue from Blu-ray/DVD sales, licensing, and retail merchandise, which have added millions more to the Disney coffer. There’s no doubt that Marvel Studios’ recent shared cinematic universe was a game-changer – weaving nine films (so far), the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and five one-shots into a single narrative web. In spite of a few hiccups, the ambitious project is paying off, raising interest (and box office profits) for any film bearing the Marvel Studios logo.

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Sandmano1873d ago

nope Im all for it, really hoping to see Spiderman in the Avengers

AnEwGuY1871d ago

No. What's hurting them is the lack of a fully unified Marvel cinematic universe, due to the selling off of key properties back in the Marvel bankruptcy period. If that had never happened...oh man, the possibilities. As it currently stands, all I can say is "F*** you Sony and 20th Century Fox".

Avengingkinght921869d ago

The Marvel Cinematic Universe sucks. I'm glad Fox and Sony have the X-Men and Spider-Man.

TwistedMetal1870d ago

The shared movie universe is the thing that helped super hero movies. makes them way more cooler and allows for team ups and better storys. Makes the characters and storys so much more alive seeing the same dudes play the characters instead of a new guy plaing batman or something in every new movie.

ever since the MCU started I actually been buying all the movies and rewatching them a lot and the extra footage on the blurays like the marvel one shots. So many cool things you can catch that connect one movie to the next that you didnt notice before.

The MCU has so many benefits. I cant wait for the tv shows to start because things will just be even more awesome.