How Burton s Batman Changed Hollywood

BY LUCY O'BRIENHow old were you when Tim Burton’s Batman came out in theaters in 1989? Ten? Two? A half-formed idea in the back of your parents’ minds? I was five, and therefore the impact the film had on Hollywood was somewhat lost on me growing up. But even at that young age, I still remember its ubiquity, the sense that it was somehow profound, and that if I didn’t see it my place in the world would be less valid.

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Sandmano2455d ago

well it was an amazing movie on par if not better than the Noal nmovies, Jack Nicholoson was an amazing crazy quirky Joker. And Keaton for me is the best Batman ever.

AnEwGuY2453d ago

Did you have a mild seizure midway through typing that comment?

Sandmano2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

My iphone is to blame not me!

SouthClaw2452d ago

He is the best live action actor I'll agree with you but the longest running actor to play him Kevin Conroy who does pretty much all voice over work is amazing. It is just a shame he doesn't have the psychical look for Batman / Bruce Wayne. I hate Christian Bale he was terrible IMO. I only loved The Dark Knight because of pretty much everyone else in the film.

Sandmano2452d ago

Yep was going to say that, Kevin Conroy IS batman for me. And if we were to choose an overall best batman it would be him. I quite liked bale he is the second best batman IMO