Which New Comic Book Tv Series Are You Most Excited For?

The comic book invasion of TV is just getting started. Sure, we already have The Walking Dead, Arrow and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, but this week has solidified that now that comic books have conquered movie screens, its time for them to spread out across TV as well, in a big way.

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-Foxtrot2400d ago

Agent Carter and Constantine

Agent Carter since unlike most people I think it will be interesting to see how SHIELD was formed. I think it's the main people don't see about this series, we'll get to see the start up and how things got going. Things that were told to us in The Winter Soldier can be shown more in the series and it will hopefully have some good characters involved. While Agents of SHIELD doesn't have that anymore. I really don't see why they have renewed it, some newer episodes have been better but that's only because of what happened in The Winter Soldier forced them to change the structure, what do they have next season? Probably tracking down Hydra agents but even then it's not SHIELD as <SPOILER> it doesn't exist anymore.

Constantine mostly because the film was terrible and the main lead for the TV series looks more like Constantine then Keanu Reeves ever did.

As for the other two

Flash (himself) looks silly and Grant Gustin is not a good actor, he wasn't that good when he appeared in Arrow and I know a lot of people are going to hate me for this but as a huge Green Arrow fan, Arrow is so different from the comics/character that I can't enjoy it, it's too different and it's not as good as people make out.

Gotham, mostly because it's totally unnecessary, if it was centred around Gordon and Bullock, fair enough but bringing in all these villains seems like overkill. Not to mention the horrible looking kid actors which will probably be distracting. Selina is already robbing people at that age....come on. Not to mention there's nothing interesting about Bruce at that age since he's not Batman yet, hell he hasn't even went through his training. He'll probably be moping around for most of the season. If they wanted Bruce in they should of focused on him when he's JUST got back from training all over the world, least then the villains would be established in Gothams criminal underworld

ironfist922400d ago

Basically anything from DC

Vames2400d ago

More interested in the Flash and Constantine. The Flash in the same universe as Arrow could pave the way open for other DC characters having their own show in the same universe.

My wish is that they make Flash 1-15 episode per season thing. Because of the high amount of special effects required for a superhero TV show that is centered around science fiction, the expense will be high. DC should have just given Flash his own movie, but since they have gone this route, they best do it well.

We all remember Smallville and how cheap everything looked. Let's hope this doesn't happen here.

Simon_Brezhnev2397d ago

Naw it wont require high special affects. Flash is probably the easiest super hero with powers to do on TV. I mean look at the Tomorrow People they did special effects pretty good on there. I do wonder how they will do the wall running.