Michael Fassbender Says Prometheus 2 Is a Go; Doesn’t Know When They’ll Begin Filming


During the press day for 12 Years a Slave, Steve asked Michael Fassbender the status of Prometheus 2, and Fassbender quickly responded, “I don’t know.” Today at the junket for X-Men: Days of Future Past, the question came up again, and this time he said the project is a go, although he didn’t know when it would begin filming. When we last reported on the film, it seemed like filming was already given the greenlight, but then another report said that there was no release date, it’s unclear if Ridley Scott would return to direct, and that they’ve only hired a new writer (Michael Green). It’s still unclear if Scott wants to get in the director’s chair again, but Fassbender’s confirmation is still a step forward in the project’s development.

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ajax172452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

As long as it gets made. Hopefully they'll be able to get David Lindelof again.

ajax172452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Fuck. I was very tired when I wrote that. Thanks for the correction. I think I was thinking about David because it's a Michael Fassbender interview.

Hellsvacancy2451d ago

Damon Lindelof is why chunks of Prometheus sucked

I personally hope he has NOTHING to do with Paradise aka Prometheus 2

Thatguy-3102452d ago

Hope they do it. I really enjoyed the first one because it was one of those movies that got you thinking afterwards.

Nicaragua2451d ago

Only thing i was thinking afterwards was how they managed to screw up such a good idea.

Leio2451d ago

Yeah like what the heck did i just watch

Crazay2451d ago

I'm all for another movie.

MasterD9192451d ago

This movie is an amazing film to watch in HD...It may not have been a home-run to some, but I really enjoyed Promtheus to the point of where I can watch it without really being bothered by any narrative issues.

Fassbender does great work, and the role really suited him, so I'm excited to see what the future holds for the sequel.