Bryan Singer Confirms More X-Men For Apocalypse; First Days of Future Past Reactions Hit


As the first impressions of the first X-Men: Days of Future Past press screening surface via Twitter, director Bryan Singer seemingly confirms younger iterations of three more mutants in X-Men: Apocalypse

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MasterD9192281d ago

Nothing can undo the previous X-men films...and the fact that they are even acknowledging that proves they aren't happy with the films they made.

I wish Marvel would retain the rights to the X-men franchise before Fox continues serve another dish of roadkill.

The trailers are always well done, and usually there is word of mouth- but the movies ALWAYS end up being a let-down!

Belasco2281d ago

Xmen, Spiderman, and Fantastic Four NEED to revert back to Marvel, for potentially better films and for the sake of all the Marvel characters being in the same universe. What's being done with the licenses has been utter shite save for X2 and Spiderman 2.

Lionsguard2281d ago

As much as anyone wants that to happen, it'll never return to Marvel. As long as Fox and Sony keep churning out new movies, they'll get to keep it. The only way they'll lose the license is if they go into a long lull like what happened to Dare Devil. Or one of those companies becomes on the verge of bankruptcy, they'd sell it back to Marvel for billions of dollars. Marvel should have put in a clause like max 10-15 years or something. Then again, it's selling those licenses in the first place that they were able to form their own studio and assemble The Avengers.

smashman982281d ago

Actually if anything can undo anything its this movie as they are effectively rewriting the past here to make a new future also the only bad xmen movies in my opinion was x3 and x origins

darren_poolies2280d ago

I disagree, X-Men: First Class was fantastic and one of my personal favourite superhero movies. I'm disappointed that they didn't do a direct sequel to that and are instead involving the others but I'm excited for it none the less.

Kurylo3d2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

The problem with marvel is all their movies feel like they are meant for kids. At least xmen takes more of a dramatic realistic tone. It focuses on thoughts of racism, hatred, and not so cut good and evil. You see lots of shades of grey. Marvel ... is just good guys vs badguys..

My only annoyances with the xmen movies are they need to find a way to get gambit and rogue together as well as make cyclops more of a force to be recogned with and in focus. Oh and find a way to fix dead pool lol

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GenericNameHere2281d ago

Everyone saying the Spidey, FF, and X-Men should go back to Marvel are only saying it for Avengers, and not for the individual movies. Iron Man 2 and 3 were average movies, even under Marvel. Thor and The Dark World also had their fair share of problems. Spider-Man 1 and 2, and X-Men and X2 were fantastic movies under Sony and Fox respectively. SM3 and X-Men Origins Wolverine were bad, but I thought ASM1 and X-Men First Class were average and great. Now that the Avengers has been made, it seems like everyone's just setting their expectations to high, and thinking "unless Marvel made it, it SAWKS!"

Would it be awesome to have the X-Men and Spidey and the FF in the Avengers movies someday? Sure, definitely! But they didn't even join until MUCH later. You don't need Spidey to create a great Avengers story. You don't even need Wolverine to have an interesting Avengers action scene.

It would have been awesome if Marvel got back Fantastic Four though. Avengers already introduced Thanos and the Chitauri. GoTG is going to introduce the Nova Corp, an even bigger part of space, and more on Thanos. If Marvel got FF back, Silver Surfer would get another re-introduction, and finally show off Galactus in a physical form, not as a stupid cloud.

Porcelain_Chicken2280d ago

Wow!!! This ^^^ Agree with literally everything.

MasterD9192280d ago

I don't want to see an X-men crossover with the Avengers in any way as I feel one would overtake the other at that point. Frankly, Wolverine is the only character I recall being in the Avengers from X-men, but I could be wrong. Because Fox and Sony have those rights, the term "mutants" cannot be used with Marvel, so Marvel is having to adapt changes to their own stories just to avoid legal problems with Sony and Fox. Sony and Fox are also in control of a few other characters that will likely get films down the line and cause even more issues...

My point is that it would be best for ONE studio (Marvel/Disney) to retain the rights to ALL of the characters so these type of issues and convoluted stories, and distorted interpretations of characters essentially stop. We all know the basis of FF, Spider-man and X-men, yet the studios make whatever changes they deem "appropriate", not necessary...which causes the fans to examine these films from such a critical stand point that there is no reason to even support those films.

Marvel may have had some movie let-downs, but at least all of those films are interconnected with each other, which is something that pays off in the end (as it did for the Avengers). By having a common goal and showing that all of those stories are in the same universe, fans appreciate the nods here and there to characters and franchises more than they would with a bunch of sequels that don't blend together well...

GenericNameHere2280d ago

Only a few X-Men have been Avengers. Beast was the first, in the 70s. Wolverine didn't even get in until New Avengers in 2005. Then Storm and Rogue. If you count X-Men villains, then Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were the first X-Men to join, in the 60s.

I can't read near 50 years of Avengers comics, but are "mutants" really important? They're more an X-Men thing. Civil War didn't happen because of the need for Mutant Registration. No no, that's the reason Sentinels were created. Civil War was all about the Superhuman Registration Act. Ultron is a bigger problem by itself than a bunch of Sentinels. There's been a few Avengers vs X-Men in the last decades, but there are even bigger stories to tell than them. Likewise, the Fantastic Four have all been Avengers in the 80s, but there's still more stories to adapt.

And I think having an interconnected world will someday be a double-edged sword. You have a giant world you can tap. You established these characters exist in the same universe, and when there's one single baddie, you can gather them up and fight together. However, when the amount of heroes get bigger, it is possible the movies will feel disjointed. Maybe we won't even find out the answer unless you watch another movie, like how the comics are. In Iron Man 3, where was SHIELD? We didn't get a possible answer to that until last month, with Cap Am Winter Soldier, and the disbanding of Shield. We saw Banner at the post ending scene, but where was he when the movie took place? Will we have to wait until Age of Ultron or Ant-Man movie until we see what he was doing? In GOTG, will they even acknowledge the Chitauri attacking Earth? Were they aware Thanos was a member of the plan to invade Earth? Next thing you know, you have to watch several of these other Marvel movies to really understand what's happening in this movie, exactly why some find the comics intimidating to start.

Kurylo3d2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

You say ultron was a bigger threat then sentinals... yet the sentinals killed everyone in the future... lol... and took over the planet.

Belasco2280d ago

No, not only for an Avengers movie. If you read the comics these characters were crossing over into each others books all the time. The fact that Marvel has to pretend the other heroes do not exist and vice versa annoys the utter piss out of me.

MilkMan2280d ago

Marvel needs all of their products back, end of story.
Or rather Disney since they own them now.

On another note, I am optimistic about the film, but with doubt. I don't trust Bryan Singers direction as I once did.
Remember what folks are gawking over here is the moment to moment hero and villain antics.

Singer away from X-men has proven not to be a good combination although I liked Valkyrie myself.

I thought First Class was a better made film than any of the other X-men films before it and I lamented when they didn't make a direct sequel.

I felt like X-men brand was being violated when Singer (begged) for his job back.

However that's neither here nor there. I'll go see what he's done to these characters, see if the story is entertaining and see where they are headed.

So far Captain America's The Winter Soldier is the best all around summer movie, and Spidey has some good performances through out although the entire package is not as great as Captains.
So competition is STIFF.