Something About The Villains of 'Gotham' Rub Us the Wrong Way

Initially, excited to see a live-action Gotham show that plunged into the backstory of a young Jim Gordon the way so many classic Batman storylines have done in the comics.

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Lord_Sloth2456d ago

I'm skeptical of this show anyways just because it's gonna boil down to another cop show but this article has given me more reason to remain skeptical.

Also lol at Juggalo Joker. XXXD

Anthotis2456d ago

I don't have high hopes for Gotham(or Almost Batman), but i'll certainly give it a look.

Soldierone2456d ago

My only question, are we going to get to see Batman or not?

Answer, probably not.

DarkBlood2455d ago

Its a prequel as far as we know unless your thinking time travel batman :p?

Soldierone2455d ago

It's a superhero show, so I just want to see superhero's. I don't want to watch some stereotypical cop drama like we get on every single channel these days.

If you are going to call the show Gotham, and advertise Batman, then give me Batman. I don't really care if its a kid version, just do it lol

DarkBlood2455d ago

I know lol. If batman is in it then it wouldnt be called Gotham which im assuming its about the people in the city other them batman.

I mean we got the man of steel 2 and justice league coming and im not even sure this show is related in any way god im getting confused lol

ill just stick with arrow

-Foxtrot2455d ago

I bet you any money they'll have a silly storyline where Bruce and Selina end up being friends.

Hopefully it'll end after the first season and they can go back to the drawing board.

ironfist922455d ago

I agree the villains couldve been more subtle, and maybe hint at who people will eventually become, or have a twist which shows how someone we thought we knew, ends up becoming the joker or whoever.