Disney CEO Says More Star Wars Spin Off Movies Planned


Here’s one of those stories you can file under “Obviously.” During The Walt Disney Company quarterly earning stockholders call, company CEO Bob Iger offered an update on the Star Wars spin off movies. He said “at least three” spin offs are now in development to be released alongside the main sequel trilogy. In previous updates, Iger and others have only said there were two.

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Alxe2091d ago

Star Wars is good series..

MysticStrummer2090d ago

At last, the long rumored Jar Jar Meet the Ewoks will finally make it into production.

Crazay2090d ago

You didn't like the Ewoks? How can anyone not like the Ewoks?!?

MysticStrummer2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Compared to Jar Jar the Ewoks are hardcore cool, but at the time I was unamused, especially when I read that in the original story they were going to be Wookies, but Lucas wanted to make the movie more kid friendly so they became the teddy bear like Ewoks.

Friggin Lucas...

If Jar Jar Meets the Ewoks is ever made, I'd happily pay to see the Ewoks eat Jar Jar. They could eat him alive or prepare him in various ways, I don't care, except one of them should keep his head for a hat.

thorstein2090d ago

If they mate would the offspring be Gunwoks or Eguns?

Would they have names like Wicket Binks?

Soldierone2090d ago

This should be interesting to see. I wonder if Star Wars will continue to last as strong as it is now that it has this kind of support. I mean I would assume the fact that it "ended" in movies is what made the shows and books so much more thrilling to fans.

You know very well Disney will milk this for what its worth, but it will be interesting to see them build a universe out of it. Having Star Wars and Marvel, Disney is going to be a powerhouse for the next decade.

SouthClaw2090d ago

Yeah it is amazing how much they have acquired in recent years. Micky Mouse is starting to look like Monty Burns.

darkvenom2090d ago

Want a Darth Bane movie.

wannabe gamer2090d ago

star wars will become the Assassins greed of the film/tv show world now.
aka oversaturated money grabbing series

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