Watch: Melissa McCarthy Hits The Road In New Trailer For 'Tammy'

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Thanks to the success of "Bridesmaids" in 2011 and "The Heat" in 2013, Melissa McCarthy is becoming the queen of summer comedy. This season, she's hoping to do it again with "Tammy." So what drew her to this project? Well, she's playing a character “who’s kind of falling apart and has to get out of town but her car is broken down” she told EW last year. “So she ends up on the road with her grandma, who has drinking problem for sure. They both have their issues they’re not acknowledging and they’re leaving town without knowing where they’re going. I love that there’s something that happens in a car with people where all bets off. You’re off your rhythm, off your schedule, you’re forced to be completely adaptable or die.”

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