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Honest Trailer for Attack of The Clones Hits Hayden Hard

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is easily the worst Star Wars prequel movie, so the Screen Junkies have taken it upon themselves to give it a thorough schalacking in their latest honest movie trailer.

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StarWarsFan2450d ago

I think The Phantom Menace has been given too hard of a time. I thought it was an exciting return to a galaxy far, far away. The podracing was cool and Jar Jar Binks was a lovable character.

Attack Of The Clones was certainly a disappointment. It focused too much on the romance, but then again, it needed to establish that to go into Episode III. I think the biggest indisputable fault of it was Hayden Christensen's casting. If they had gotten a better actor, I think that alone would have built up the movie greatly.

GamersHeaven2450d ago

A hard time? The story,characters,dialogue the horrendous performances Phantom Menace felt like I was watching a movie made by a mentally retarded person high on cocaine.Episode 2 felt like copy pasted Empire made by a 5 year old with a camera,Episode 3 felt like he was trying but just like the previous 2 prequels he doesn't have the talent to write or Direct.

aDDicteD2447d ago

i do not see the prequels as bad as many people claimed it was.
yes episode 1 and episode 2 are far far inferior to episode 4 to 6, the acting and the pacing is cartoonish at times far from the quality of the originals but to claim it is garbage is not justifiable.

episode 3 on the other hand was a great film in my opinion, it could stand up with the original trilogy.