Adam Sandler’s Worst Films – Ranked By Cringe Factor

If the trailer for Adam Sandler’s new film Blended is anything to go by, it seems Hollywood’s ‘most over-paid actor‘ shows no signs of bucking his trend for horrendously unfunny comedies just yet.

When you think of the star, it certainly tends to be the bad films that spring to mind. WOW247 takes a look at seven of the worst offenders – ranked in order of cringe factor.

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cruxito2451d ago

all movies he is been, are horrible and not funny at all, whoever says the contrary it only proves the problem with USA today.

-Foxtrot2451d ago

I'm in the UK and I found Little Nicky pretty funny.

Waterboy wasn't bad either.

coolbeans2450d ago

I liked a lot of his 90's work. Even some of the ones mentioned on the list weren't that bad (not the top 5).