Gotham Officially Ordered to Series by FOX

FOX has officially given a series order to Gotham, the WBTV-produced drama centered around a young James Gordon before the days of Batman.

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gaffyh1897d ago

They'll probably cancel it after 1 series because they are idiots, so I won't watch until anrenewal is confirmed, and will be doing this for every Fox show from now on.

-Foxtrot1897d ago

I'll give it untill season 2

Would of rather they put that money toward a FRINGE movie or something

Soldierone1896d ago

This has two things against it that makes me not want to watch it.

1 They make it sound like a typical cop/csi style show, but it just so happen to be in Gotham. I lost interest in Shield's show because of something similar.

2 It's on Fox. Which means if by some miracle it is super awesome, it will get canceled and never finished. look at Terminator and many other shows. Gets annoying and is one of the reason I don't watch a lot of TV at all to begin with.....