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Spoiler: The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Head in a Jar

Warning: We're diving head-first into SPOILER territory for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you haven't seen the film and/or care about spoilers at all, then don't read any further...

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Soldierone2446d ago

The X-Men thing sucked. It was a boring scene and nothing we didn't already see before. I rather have had a Spider-Man teaser, why not include it at the very end of the credits?

That and this movie is chalk full of interesting things all throughout almost every scene, it is awesome!

Agent Smith2446d ago

Mark Webb was contracted to make a few films for Fox after 500 Days of Summer. He's making these Spiderman movies, along with the next one, so he doesn't have time to fulfill his contract with Fox. Sony and Fox made a deal where they will put the Xmen trailer attached to Amazing Spiderman 2 for free.

crxss2446d ago

It's obvious Norman is coming back in some form for a future Spiderman film based on the scene in which he was scanned before they completely emptied his room.

MasterD9192446d ago

Strange there was an X-men teaser when they actually had filmed the Spider-man 2 teaser specifically for this film...

Not to mention that Fox & Sony haven't done anything like this previously. Perhaps it was meant as a knock on Marvel and all of their success?

Here is to hoping we NEVER see a Fantastic Four and X-men crossover...If anything, bring in Spider-man to the Avengers!

maniacmayhem2446d ago

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was probably the worse super hero film I have ever seen.

And the fact they had a commercial for the new X-Men movie at the end credits only solidified my complete hate for this 2 hour and 20 minute piece of trash.

crxss2446d ago

Ok cooking mama, go see spidey 3 again and come back to the comments

maniacmayhem2446d ago

Okay I'm back, I'll take Spidey 3 over Amazing 2 any day! Amazing 2 was a snore fest mixed with cheese. Seriously, electric eels? Electric eels closes Jaimie Fox's gap? I laughed out loud and for the wrong reason.

Spider-Man follows Gwen around like Superman Returns? Harry asks Peter Parker who just takes photos as far as he knows for Spider-Man's blood, then Spider-Man shows up just to say NO, why? Parker should have said listen dude, I don't know the guy! Gwen Stacy can work a power grid?? And all it involves is pressing a button? Spider-Man swings around in a complete rubber suit?? Rubber?? And when does electricity explode?

Ok Metal Gear go see Amazing 2 and come back to the comments.

CrimsonDragon902446d ago

I still think The Avengers is the worst superhero movie.

crxss2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

@maniac you have a problem with cheese? you really shouldn't be watching marvel films.

also spider-man following gwen, you have a problem with that? really? is that so unheard of?

harry going to peter was a desperate act, everything he did in the film was based off of the fact he found out he was dying. spiderman had to show up to tell harry about the consequences of using his blood.

also are you an expert on power grids? clearly not an expert in movie critiques.

when does peter say he's wearing a rubber suit? that were kids speculating on tv.

electricity explodes everywhere. google it.

sure tasm2 wasn't the best film but it is by far the best spiderman film. really, go back and watch the old ones.

maniacmayhem2445d ago

Yes I have a problem with cheese. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was filled with it and not the good cheese like the extra you find on a pizza, torta or ultimate burger from Jack in the Box.

Yes, it is unheard's called STALKING and it's considered creepy and usually illegal in civilized society.

Wrong! Everything Harry did was a poor excuse from the writers to quickly shoe horn a reason why Harry hates Spider-Man. It was all done in less than 5 minutes with absolutely no logic behind it. And Spider-Man did NOT tell Harry about any consequences, he simply said no. Why? Why show up to say that? Why does Harry think a PHOTOGRAPHER actually knows and talks with Spider-Man? I took a photo of Brad Pitt once, now we talk everyday just in case someone needs his blood. SILLY!

I am an expert on power grids. I now know that all I need to do is get a conveniently located key off of a dead guy's hand and press a button as Gwen did. I mean even though I studied in agriculture I'm sure I can handle that right? Another poorly written scene just to place Gwen in the situation that came next.

Wrong again! It was another lame excuse from the writers of this trash to try and fill in a puzzling explanation on why Spider-Man wasn't fried to a crisp when taking MULTIPLE direct electrical/lighting hits from Electro....Or does his spider-blood heal him from that too??

Electricity does NOT explode. Car batteries, power grids and other MACHINES that conduct or store power does. Electricity does NOT explode.

TASM2 is by far the worse out of the bunch. The fact that the fight scenes were few and far between, the set ups for the villains were laugh out loud horrible, and the movie was boring as sh*t. When you have a 2 hour and 20 minute film and half of the movie theater and kids are falling asleep then you know you did everything wrong.