12 Most Epic Fights in War Movies

JunkExplorer: Here are the Top 12 most epic fight scenes i have ever seen in War Movies. Have a look.

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dota2champion1875d ago

One of the best battle scene in film

LOL_WUT1875d ago

Most definitely Enemy At The Gates, Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart are at the top of the list. Also Legend of The Fist looks rather interesting ;)

cruxito1875d ago

Legend of the Fist looks insane, never seen it so thats on my list to watch lol.
yeah Enemy at the Gates and Saving and Braveheart were at the top of the genre.

sovietsoldier1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

bias list, might want to watch movies from other countries before making a list like this.

Soldierone1874d ago

I think Act of Valors battle in the mountain was amazing. It wasn't all out war, and was very subtle with camera technique and sound, which made it amazing. It actually made you jump in certain areas. (no pun intended lol)