'Gotham': Fox's First Trailer Revealed ***Updated with Full 2 Minute Trailer***


The first teaser trailer for Fox’s Gotham is here!
Below is EW’s exclusive 45-second trailer for the Batman prequel series that’s running tonight during 24: Live Another Day. You’ll get your first close look the Gotham skyline (modern, familiar, yet not too close to any one American city), glimpses of the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, a couple shots of Det. Jim Gordon in action (Ben McKenzie), and bits showing a young Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor, with umbrella!), Catwoman (Camren Bicondova, on gargoyle perch), The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith, looking creepily sly as a Gotham P.D. forensic tech) and Poison Ivy (taking care of a plant, naturally). All and all, Gotham looks just like the gritty, grounded yet still very Batman-esque series that the script by Bruno Heller suggested. As you learn here, the focus of the pilot is Gordon investigating the Wayne murders.

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Crazay2457d ago

EVen though I'm sitting firmly on the fence about this one, I'm happy to give it a shot. I just don't know what to think based off this little preview.

-Foxtrot2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )


Think I'll pass, it seems like they are relying way too much of the villains because they aren't focusing on Batman. I mean Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy and hell even Catwoman etc seems a little excessive for just the first season. It's like shoving them in for the sake of it.

I don't like how they are making Gordon look like this badass, hero cop with no sense of danger "I will find the person who did this". He's supposed to be an amateur, a rookie, a guy who is learning, the whole badass thing should of been developed so we see a transitioning of the character.

At the end of the day it might of been a watch for me if it stuck to Gordon and Bullock and focused on their relationship. Not to mention the kid actors just seem they will get in the way and are totally unneeded. Nothing they can really do with Bruce, we'll just see him whine and mope around.

They probably should of done it in a different time period like when Bruce just gets back from training all over the world. Least then the villains would be older and have been established as the villains in Gothams underworld.

Oh and kid Catwoman lol. We'll probably see some silly storyline when they become best of friends as kids which again is just distracting.

Quagmire2457d ago Show
DarkBlood2457d ago

Well it cant be about batman as you likely already know that.

As for the kid I think that may be a unfair assumption that they would be whiny unless you just dont like kids or just have bad experience around them in general but oh well would be nice to just give them a chance because before labeling.

Crazay2456d ago

It seemed to me that the kid who plays Bruce Wayne might well be testing his limitations as far as heights and jumping off buildings. The seeds of what will someday become Batman.

DarkBlood2456d ago

Oh didnt know he does anything predeath but wouldnt much sense till after his parents are gone no?

Quagmire2457d ago

Wow, that trailer actually has me hooked. Love the riddler.

Certainly has alot of potential as a noir crime drama, and looks like it would fit perfectly as a prequel to the Dark Knight trilogy.

Keep em coming DC.

DarkBlood2457d ago

I will tune it to give it a chance hopefully it will shine sort of or that there would be some kind of connection.

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