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'Fantastic Four' Reboot Begins Filming Today in Baton Rouge; Here's What We Know So Far


Twentieth Century Fox's "Fantastic Four" reboot begins production at Baton Rouge's Celtic Media Centre today (May 5), according to a production spokesperson, continuing what has become a summer of high-profile sequels for the Louisiana film industry. Among other projects, it joins "Terminator: Genesis," which is currently filming in New Orleans, and will be followed by "Jurassic World," which is scheduled to begin production in June, also in New Orleans.

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hazelamy2451d ago

so much for all the talk that the project had been abandoned.

looking forward to seeing what this new incarnation will be like.

gigoran2450d ago

Incarnation? This isn't fantastic four. This is a movie with four superheroes. that's it. A fantastic four movie would have to have authentic representations of the characters from the comic. This movie doesn't. Simple. There were 2 fantastic four movies. For now they are the only 2 fantastic four movies. Even the unreleased fantastic four movie is more authentic than what THIS movie is.

Soldierone2450d ago

I was happy when they said it was cancelled for the time being.... dangit.