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Robert Kirkman Thinks The Walking Dead Will Be Lucky To Make It To Season 7


In the letter column for Issue #126 of The Walking Dead comic book series, a fan wrote in asking Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman not to milk the TV show and to end it by Season 7 or Season 8 at the latest.

In response, Kirkman wrote, “Just because something goes a long time doesn’t mean it’s being milked. We’ll be lucky to make it to season 7, but if we go beyond that it’ll be because we have a story to tell.”

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Crazay2449d ago

If they go beyond Season 7 - they're going to be doing it with a whole new crew. They're already catching up to the comics so fast.

dota2champion2449d ago

They're making a new walking dead spin-off with a whole new crew. The walking dead series is so bad. Season 1 was so good, they should just end it at season 5 and focus on the spin-off series.

Crazay2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Ya and I think that's actually a pretty awesome thing to be honest. I'd LOVE to see them follow the story of Clementine from the Tell Tale Games Walking Dead title.

I don't think they should just end after season 5 though. There's still so much more to explore and see with these people.

Smokeeye1232449d ago

Not really. They are still at least 3 seasons behind the comics. Even if they keep it at the current pace. I think the show might end after the Negan saga.

adorie2449d ago

They got rid of Frank Darabont. I think the show ended after that, personally.

MysticStrummer2448d ago

Agreed. The writing went slowly downhill after that point, and then plummeted during this last season.

ajax172449d ago

What would have been really cool is if they had done an anthology series from the start. Like Fargo, American Horror Story, True Detective etc. None of the filler episodes.

Blink_442449d ago

That would have been awesome

FriedGoat2449d ago

The past 2 seasons has all been filler. I got sick of TWD in season 3.

MilkMan2449d ago

surprised it lasted pasted season 2...but thats just me.

TwistedMetal2449d ago ShowReplies(1)
MysticStrummer2448d ago

You shouldn't have been surprised. The ratings are very very high.

I've noticed a downgrade in the writing since season two, but still enjoyed season 3 for the most part. Season 4 is where I started expecting bad writing every episode. At this point, because of the high ratings they're probably assured at least 6 seasons, so I hope it improves.

General Shrooms2449d ago

I find the show to be increasingly more boring. Yet I still watch it.

ceballos77mx2449d ago

Id like to see a Walking dead show based on the point of view of the government, you know start the show on the beginning of the epidemic, what the military tried to do to stop it, and see the remnants of it when they failed.

TheSaint2449d ago

No, don't. Not a good film.

MysticStrummer2448d ago

Read World War Z. The movie is terrible.

ceballos77mx2448d ago

Saw it, after reading the book about 3 times it really disappointed me, didn't like the zombies

Razmossis2448d ago

Well, I'll tell you this, good movie or not... it is lightyears better than the utter shite that is The Walking Dead

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