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Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper

Another episode, another delayed review because of the real world. Anyway, this season as been a hell of a ride thus far, so let’s see what the twisted bastards in charge do next.
We open with Daenerys and her army putting a plan in place to start a slave revolt inside the walls of…hold on…um…Meereen, that’s the one. Grey Worm infiltrates the group, leaving a few surprises for the masters. Flashforward, the city has fallen and Dragon Lady is pissed, ready to exact revenge for all 163 children that were nailed to mile markers along the way…by crucifixion. Awesome…

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Jacktrauma2454d ago

Good name for a sword. Pretty decent episode as well

Alxe2453d ago

Needle is much better

JoeIsMad2453d ago

Only C*nts name their swords.