Star Wars Episode VII Cast: Who They're Playing

Total Film breaks down who they think the newly announced cast for 'Star Wars Episode VII' will be playing.

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Alxe2457d ago

Star Wars Episode VII will be koolll

GamersHeaven2457d ago

We all said that about Phantom Menace we know how that turned out....

3-4-52456d ago

Liam Neeson was AWESOME in Phantom Menace, I thought they were going to keep him one of the lead characters and then they killed him off and I was like.."uhhh what? ..why! ?

* I like that I don't really know any of these actors, I just hope they don't TRY TOO HARD, with this movie.

and by that I mean try too hard to be the old movies and end up just being boring.

GamersHeaven2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

@ 3-4-5 Liam was a solid choice his character was a undeveloped throw in character remember he mentions to Obi-Wan how he communicate with the dead?!The whole prequel trilogy was a mess proof Lucas lied about how he wanted to wait for the technology to be better he made them to cash grab a new generation of movie viewers.

I agree I like the casting decisions but at the same time feel as if there trying to hard to be like the originals.They have to keep the spirit of the originals at the same time be fresh and new at the same time making sure those new elements fit in the StarWars universe.