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Game of Thrones: Closer Look at Kingsguard Chamber

Jaime Lannister is the KINGSGUARD and we have a chance to have a closer look at his chamber, When he gave his Blade (Made by Valyrian Steels) to Brienne, in order to save the Ned Start’s daughter, Sansa Stark and get her somewhere save.

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problemchild842454d ago

Well I had planned on reading this article until seeing all the spelling and grammatical errors in the first few sentences...

dota2champion2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

you're not missing out. it's only a tour of the kingsguard chamber. we've seen it in episode 4. i think this article are for people who haven't seen episode 4 yet

problemchild842453d ago

Yeah I kind of figured, was hoping it was a "behind the scenes" look at the chamber.

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