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Summer Movie Box Office Predictions: Blockbusters To Bombs


Each year, the summer movie season is ruthless, filled with movies claiming and switching release dates, then studios cannibalizing each other to score a hit. Most of the time, however, there's the gentleman's agreement between all of them to keep the peace and usually release one blockbuster at a time. Part of this strategy comes from some execs watching their fellow producer bomb when they overestimate the broad appeal of their film. In summer, movies die loudly, and they leave scars.

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WizzroSupreme2453d ago

All I can say is that Captain America will probably be top superhero dog this year and that Transformers will still make off like a bandit at the box office.

Avengingkinght922452d ago

That movie sucked. Very overrated.

Alxe2453d ago

new Transformers will be cool

90Supra2452d ago

can't wait for Godzilla...

looks awesome...

Soldierone2452d ago

I agree with a majority of this list. The only ones I'd debate on are

-A Million Ways To Die, I'd put in potential flop. That movie is going to live purely off people telling each other about it. When I first heard the name I went "what? That sounds boring" and the trailer initially looked boring too. If my friends go "oh my god it was amazingly funny" ill see it.

-TMNT, I don't think its fair to base its success on the past film. Nickelodeon has the new show that is extremely popular, the comics have picked up steam, and it has good marketing. I'd put it in break even instead of flop.

-Sin City I'd also put in break even. It's audience is still there and very well aware that it's coming. It won't be huge, it won't be terrible.

ZILLA2451d ago

GO JI RA will break all movie records to date.will be greatest movie EVER!

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